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Willkommen – Welcome – Witamy

- Hoş geldiniz - Được tiếp đãi ân cần - Hun be xér hatî ye! - Salam – Shalom - Добро пожаловать!


We are happy you found us!

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Our main goal is to support the development of cultural activities and opportunities in Oderberg and the region, while also building cultural and artistic exchange with local, national and international partners. Close to our hearts is intercultural and democratic work. Every person, regardless of background or orientation, has something to contribute and is due equal opportunity and access to cultural education and events.



Wir zusammen! (Us Together!)

Wir zusammen! is an initiative to welcome refugees and people with an international background to Oderberg and the region. Although Oderberg is friendly, we know that it can be challenging to arrive in a new country and region, especially when lacking language skills and German bureaucratic know-how.



Artist-in-residence programm

An important part of KuNaKu are the artists and artists’ groups active at KuNaKu. As the House for Art, Nature and Culture, we give preference to artists working with nature and sustainability themes.




In order to stimulate more cultural growth (to create more culture) in our region, outreach and cultural education for children and teenagers are essential, as well as life-long learning for adults. We would like to see that every child in Oderberg and the region have the chance to play a musical instrument, practice dance and theater, or dive deeper into the fine arts (painting, ceramics, etc.). Therefore, it is our goal, to offer and support outreach and cultural education programs for all age groups.


Hopefully we can soon start again with our weekly class program in dance, yoga, breathwork, Qi Gong, as well as music lessons (piano, drum set, guitar).


One of our top priorities is sustainability. We have built compost toilets wherever possible, follow permaculture principles indoors and outdoors, by building and gardening, and are doing what we can to reduce our CO2 footprint. We hope you will join us in this effort to live more sustainably with our planet, and turn back the effects of climate change.


In 2021 we covered the industrial halls and garages on the property with photovoltaic cells, so that we could capture the energy of the sun and turn it into usable electricity.


We hope to offer future workshops in building compost toilets and applying clay to walls. You can read more about planned actions and offers in sustainability on our Statement-of-purpose page.



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Liz Erber – Artistic Director and Manager,

, lerber(at)

Manuel Hülsmann – Building and Organizational Manager,

Marco Kurek – Jack-of-all-trades and Idea Developer,

, kunaku(at)





Fliederweg 1
16248 Oderberg

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(0178) 1879427


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