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Artist residencies

Artistic research and the realization of artistic projects with a focus on nature and sustainability, while connecting as well to the local community


Künstler Residenz

Resident artists and arts groups are a key part of KuNaKu. Often these people have an international background and in addition to their creative input, bring with them new, or differing viewpoints and cultural experiences; all of which enriches KuNaKu and potentially, the local community. It is therefore important for us to develop exchanges between resident artists and the local community; be these through open rehearsals, presentations, workshops, artist talks, or other forms of exchange. Artists also have the chance to familiarize themselves with the local community and to take part in local events and exhibitions.


As Haus für Kunst, Natur und Kultur, we give preference to artists that are addressing Nature and sustainability themes in their work.


All types of artists from all artistic fields are welcome to apply for a residency: fine arts, film, poetry, literature, performing arts (dance, theater, performance, circus and everything inbetween). We find multidisciplinary fields interesting!


Residencies are currently limited to the warmer months, due to limited heated spaces. Possibilities will expand once we have finished with rennovations.

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Available Spaces


Available are multiple bedrooms, an area in nature to camp, a wood workshop, a small completely tiled workshop, a large hall (320 m2), an indoor studio (60m2), a parlor with grand piano, a large concrete courtyard (900 m2), a wild area in nature (1 hectare). At KuNaKu you will have the chance to research and create in a peacefully corner of Oderberg, on the edge of nature. Numerous tools are available for use, so please inquire into what you may need. We will also make an effort to find a solution to your space needs.



We encourage our artist-in-residents to engage with local artists, local organizations and the local community. The dance company, Tanztheataer Land Brandenburg is a resident company of KuNaKu. Choreographer, Laban Movement Analyst and Feedback-expert, Liz Erber, is available for feedback, mentoring and choreographic assistance. Also in the area are professional musicians, fine artists, theater directors, film makers, a puppet maker and many more.


Our Artists-in-Residence

2021 – Common Views with Dan Farberoff and David Behar Perahia


Common Views is a site-specific, participatory arts project, led by artists David Behar Perahia and Dan Farberoff.

Common Views‘ Gemeinsame Sichtweisen takes place in the German state of Brandenburg, within two Biosphere Reserves, north and south of Berlin, respectively. The project revolves around the local water environment and is in an interdisciplinary dialogue – through the use of arts engagement and creative critical approaches – with UNESCO’s Man And Biosphere program. Collaboratory methods engage local artists while participatory interventions engage the public.

Dan Farberoff

Dan Farberoff


Colombian/Swiss/Israeli/British, interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker, working primarily in mediated physical and digital presence, in site-specific fashion, both in nature and urban environments. His works incorporate new media, video, photography, interactive technology, live presence and dance. The central subjects touch on issues of consciousness and embodiment, connection to place and presence, drawing on his extensive background and experience in meditation and awareness practice, in dance and embodied practice, and in digital arts practice. Since 2003, he incorporates movement and dance in his works, which include collaborations with the England National Ballet, the Richard Alston Dance Company and world renowned choreographers. Since 2011 his work incorporates aquatic dance and free-diving with an increasing focus on a deep connection with nature and the water environment. His work has been acclaimed at festivals including special selection at FIPA, screened on major television networks, such as ABC or Channel4 and presented at the London Olympics and the Shanghai Expo.

David Behar Perahia

David Behar Perahia


French/Israeli artist and researcher working mostly within a site-specific approach. David researches the notion of place to discover the layers that compose a local context, using art interventions in site/place/context to convey a new perspective about a locality, inviting locals to establish a strong sense of place. His participatory projects evolve through engaging with the people and communities of given locations, establishing an active public participation during various stages of the making. In 2016 he founded MUNDI_Lab at the Faculty of Architecture, Technion, IL, which researches the Commons in contested situations, spanning urban development, gentrification and surveillance, and served as its director until 2020. David is a Visiting Scholar at COSMOS – the Centre on Social Movements Studies, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence, where he is researching the elaboration of practical tools for communities that wish to engage with the idea of the Commons.


See Artists-in-Residence under our Media link for photo documentation of the artists’ work at KuNaKu. (Bitte eine Link was man darauf klicken kann.