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Selections from our legal Statement-of-Purpose

  1. KuNaKu commits itself to maintaining a position of tolerance, acceptance and appreciation of all beings. We offer space and possibilities for those who also stand for these principles.
  2. The primary goal of the organization is to support the advancement of art and culture, as well as nature conservation, as laid out according to paragraph 52 of the general fiscal code. The secondary goal is the conservation of local history and geography, as well as the promotion of international exchange.


These goals will be achieved by the following methods:


Advancement of Art and Culture

  • Offer space and equipment/materials for planning, meeting and carrying out of projects to groups and local non-profits, as a support in their efforts to revitalize Oderberg and the region through cultural activities. 

  • Serve as a meeting point for culturally active groups and people, so as to support the network between them

  • Maintain a give-away shop

  • Offer space for art exhibits, featuring artists from the region

  • Organize Tanz macht Stark – dance projects with children and teenagers in cooperation with other non-profits (the museum, school, kindergarten, youth club)

  • Build a forest amphitheater for local events and make available to others

  • Establish an artist-in-residency program on location

  • Offer dance and theater events and seminars/ provide the space for these offerings

Advancement of Nature Conservation

  • Maintain a free, open-access, English and German library, with a focus on: permaculture, ecology, sustainable living, unity of religions and spirituality

  • Set up demo- or learn objects for teaching about ecological friendly building and renovation with bat houses, insect friendly permaculture gardens, sustainable building (clay walls, natural resources, recycling), etc.

  • Promote the Agroforest system, wildflower strips and permaculture/sustainable farming in the region through cooperation with local farmers and, for example, a tree-planting drive

  • Host events and seminars in ecology, nature conservation, sustainability, permaculture, climate change, etc. in cooperation with expert organizations.

  • Offer educational opportunities in the health-influencing properties of plants and plant-based diets, based on scientific evidence, support in applying this knowledge directly and how to continue at home (sustainable, healthy meals, wild herb smoothies, diet and ecological footprint, etc.)

  • Make possible and support FöJ opportunities

Advancement of Local History and Geography

  • Preserve and document local history, offer historical lectures about the location of the organization (former explosives headquarters from WWII), prepare, make available and present information and exhibit materials in cooperation with local organizations/ interest groups

Advancement of International Understanding

  • German-Polish exchange projects in the areas of dance and sustainability