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Wir zusammen! (Us Together!)

Wir zusammen! is an initiative to welcome refugees and people with an international background to Oderberg and the region. Although Oderberg is friendly, we know that it can be challenging to arrive in a new country and region, especially when lacking language skills and German bureaucratic know-how.


We want to see to it that everyone here feels welcome and have what they need to settle here. Diversity enriches our city and region; we would like to see more people of diverse backgrounds settling here.


We work together with the refugee center in Oderberg, the city of Oderberg, as well as engaged citizens.

Wir zusammen!
Safe Housing for Ukrainian Families

We currently have 18 guests living with us from the Ukraine.

Read more about the transformation of our house, via the help of dozens of helping hands, into safe housing for refugee families:

Watch our video:

Moving & Renovations

With the help of volunteers, we help families transition from temporary housing into permanent housing. We offer help with transport and with necessary renovations.

Winter Holiday Gifts

We collect gifts for children in refugee housing, and pack small new year’s gifts for the adults.

Community Garden – Platz der Einheit, Oderberg

This is an on-going project at Platz der Einheit Oderberg. There are a number of immigrant families who have settled in this area. We help people set up their on vegetable or flower beds, and have edible plants for everyone. We meet monthly on the last Saturday of each month, 11 am to 2pm.

Monthly Café der Kulturen (World Culture Café)

Through food we discover the world! We meet on the last Saturday of each month at 2pm to bake together. Each month is a new world culture.

Join us! Donations welcome!