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Location/ Spaces

KuNaKu’s home base is found in Oderberg (Barnim, Brandenburg) on the grounds of a former World War II military barrack, together with industrial garages and halls, built in GDR time by the NVA (National People’s Army). The main house, or WWII barrack, was originally built to house 35 employees of the Sprengchemie Fabirk (Explosives Factory). With its 45 rooms, the house has had different functions since war time, including use as an orphanage directly following the war. Following the fall of the wall, the land and its buildings fell into the hands of the Border Control until 2009 when they were auctioned off to their first private owner. (See History for more details.)

Haus von vorne
Ansicht von Oben

Currently, the main house is being transformed into a seminar and guest house, which KuNaKu will also use for projects. One of the industrial halls is to be transformed into a performance, dance and aerial dance/acrobatic space.


Oderberg is a small city with a population of approximately 2100. Located on a tributary of the old Oder River, Oderberg is enveloped in a picturesque landscape of hills, forest and agriculture. The hills are actually end moraines from the last Ice Age. The agricultural land in and around Oderberg were taken over in 2020 by the Brodowin Hof, which produces organic, Demeter quality crops. Currently Oderberg finds itself in the midst of a cultural renaissance, which is attracting artists and other cultural agents from around the region and from Berlin. KuNaKu is one of several new, cultural anchors in Oderberg. We look forward to future collaborations with the numerous supporters of art, culture and nature in the region. We are thankful for all of the support we have received until now. Individuals, businesses and organizations have generously donated furniture, earth/ mulch, stones, equipment and tools, time, help with building and more.

The Main House with its rows of numerous small rooms is awaiting a massive restoration, which will take place between 2022-24. The spaces already in use are a parlor (see photo with piano) and few workspaces. Not in use are the cold water dipping pool that was part of the former sauna (no longer in house), and also located in a small room, and a jail cell, which was transformed into a smoking chamber by the last owner. We are happy that artists have already made use of some of the vestigial elements and features of the house. (i.e. Dan Farberoff and David Behar Perahia died materials in a vessel made for heating/fermenting wine.)

Großer Raum auf der 1. Etage

Photos: Artists‘ work space

Musiker, Lionel Haas, im Salon

Photo: Musician, Lionel Haas, voted multiple years, “Best Jazz Musician in Berlin”, tickling keys in the Parlor (or in the captured moment, contemplating doing so.)


Photo: large work space on the 2nd floor

Back of the house

Eva Goellner

Photo: Eva Goellner, a storyteller from The Bear, looks over her notes in preparation for the storytelling event, June 22nd 2021, Offene Höfe Oderberg.

Dyane Neiman and Martin Behring
Gebäude mit Kinderwagen im Vordergrund

Dyane Neiman and Martin Behring, also from The Bear, enjoy some sun on the patio out back.

Marianna Buchwald and Lars Schumacher

Visiting artists, Marianna Buchwald and Lars Schumacher, stand in front of the steps leading to the halls.

The Wharehouses, Garages and Workshop Spaces


At the moment most spaces are rented, as was the case upon purchase of the property.


The larger part of the South Warehouse is free since the beginning of 2021. It is being used as a community workshop and storage space. The inauguration of the hall as an event space took place in August 2021, as part of Offene Höfe Oderberg. Featured in the hall were two short film premieres and a lecture about the Oder River and the associated expansion plan, as well as a storytelling event, organized by The Bear Berlin. In 2022 transformation of the hall into a multifunctional, performance, dance and aerial space will begin.

Halle von außen
Vortrag in der Halle
Halle von innen

Behind the Warehouses. Here nature run wilds. We have glimpsed numerous bird and mammal species enjoying the area: wild boards, foxes, beautifully colored pheasents, woodpeckers, nightengales, and more. With a fairly high elevation behind the halls, we enjoy here a beatiful view of the Oderland valley. There is a field and stall reserved for a small herd of alpakas, space to sit around a campfire and set up a tent, as well as several flat areas ideal for group gatherings. One of these spaces we hope to one day transform into a small outdoor amphitheater built from trees.

Hinter der Halle

Photo: view of the Oderland valley


Photo: A group of fathers enjoy a long-weekend away with their children on father’s day.