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As a non-profit it is our vision to support art, conservation and culture, while building ties at both a local and international level, through meetings, exchanges, educational opportunities, cultural events and our artist-in-residency program. We seek to create an all-pervading environment of appreciation, cooperation and trust, in which creativity is given the space to blossom, and each person has the chance to shine and contribute in their own way.


Differences are to be celebrated (a step beyond tolerance), as we seek to heal racism in ourselves and in our community. We aspire to create a diverse community, and actively engage people with immigration or refugee backgrounds into our programs. We are appreciative of the unique perspectives and richness that comes with diversity.


We strive to work together with other cultural organizations and culturally oriented individuals in Oderberg and the region, in order to build a stronger cultural network, so that every individual from child to adult has cultural opportunities at their fingertips. We would like to see that every child, regardless of background or family situation, has the chance to experience and participate in dance, theater, music and the fine arts. Together we are stronger and better able to build this cultural net.


We would like to see Oderberg as a city of culture and multiculturalism, connected strongly to its beautiful, natural surroundings. We create Oderberg together! We create the world we live in!