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The Give-away Shop


KuNaKu is currently transforming a single garage on Fliederweg into a give-away shop. The intended opening is Summer 2022.



  • Through exchange, gifting, repairing, upcycling, etc., we want to do something to counteract our society’s rampant, throw-away consumption culture.
  • We don’t always need the latest fashion, new furniture, tools, cell phones, etc. And not everything we are ready to get rid of is ripe for the garbage dump. Our give-away shop gives people the chance to share and exchange their belongings instead of throwing them away.


  • Come by any time and take a look.

How does it work?

  • Searching for something specific? Come by and post your wish on our pin-board.
  • Wanting to donate or give away? Bring by your belongings and place them on the shelf or rack.

Please remember that most people are not able to repair things. Be sure that whatever you bring functions fully so that people taking the item home can trust that it works.


Please do not bring us your trash or items that belong in the trash. These should be brought to the garbage dump. Thank you!